Contest for 2018!

Details on the 2018 contest!

Olivia’s Advent Calendar is in its tenth year of Advent calendar door opening fun. We’re feeling nostalgic, so Olivia is recreating some of her favorite past episodes. Your job is to keep track of the year and day we’re recreating. Make a list like this:

December 1st: Year 2011, Day 4

December 2nd: Year 2014, Day 7

Like that!

Once you have a list of the days and years of our recreations, email the list to us. Even a partial list could be a winner, so submit your answer even if you don’t do them all!

  • Submit your list to before December 25th (11:59pm EST on December 24th – that’s 9pm PST)
  • Remember, you may only submit ONE e-mail entry per household! Sorry, family pets are not eligible to submit entries.
  • In the event of a tie, one winner will be selected via random drawing from among those with the most complete answers. The decision of the Advent Commission is final.

On Christmas Day Olivia will announce the winner. There will be a box under the tree on Christmas morning with the number 25 on it. And just like the little gifts in my Advent calendar, Olivia will have no idea what the prize will be until Christmas Day.


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